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The Importance of Morning Pre-Views and Evening Re-views.

The ideal morning routine

is to wake up peacefully while gently returning from unfinished dreams;

and gradually entering the waking world.

Unfortunately, this is far from the shared experience for most people.

Instead, you are rudely awakened by a blaring alarm clock

when in fact, an extra hour of sleep is much needed.

And while you allow yourself a brief moment to adjust to the new day,

it is usually filled with the most predictable habit:

switching between social media apps, emails, and Breaking News.

Without realizing it, you have emerged into the day smothered by the screams of the “online masses” for your attention.

Imagine, for a moment, waking up, still feeling soaked in semi-sleep, and a room full of people immediately demanding your attention.

Look here, watch this, come visit, go there and buy that”, they all request simultaneously.

You are not ready for this onslaught!

And even if you think you are ready,

your mind is not

As your coach, I recommend replacing this deeply unhealthy habit with one called:

Pre-Meditation or Pre-View”

Allocate five undisturbed minutes to prime your mind for the day ahead.

You already know WHO you are likely to meet.

Some of them have unsavoury personalities, and others are a sweet delight.

But take note of your emotional response as it flashes on your internal movie screen.

Consider what is in your control, where you may be in danger of letting yourself down, and rehearse how you would like to respond to the upcoming events and people.

Perhaps it’s a difficult conversation with a superior or college.

Or a partner who embarrassed you at dinner last night

A looming deadline, interview, health check-up, or household chores that keep piling up.

There’s a saying: “without a ruler, you cannot make a crooked line straight.”

If you don’t intentionally choose - how and what - you want to achieve on any given day, how will you know if you measured up to this at all?

Now, instead of scrolling yourself to sleep, allocate another five minutes to a:

“Post-Meditation or Re-View”

Consider your actions during the day,

which temptations you have conquered,

what evils you have fought,

and how you are better for it!

Is there anything better than examining a whole day’s conduct if you aim to improve yourself?

In my opinion, there is nothing better.

Your Coach



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