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Strategic Communication

(BA Hons) UJ

Dual-MA in Psychology and Counselling


Several courses in Life Coaching, Mindfulness Leadership, NLP, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 




Complete PhD by 2030 in coping styles, organisational dynamics, and Jungian coaching styles 


As a professionally trained performance and life coach, Jenna assists individuals who are highly motivated, focused on success, and ready to reach their full potential. Finding its foundation in Jenna’s rich academic background and personal experience, fine-tuning the JWPC Journey is her passion. She has been coaching for over a decade in various industries, namely SME development, career coaching, and competitive sports.


By bringing a refreshing perspective to the "self-improvement" industry, Jenna overlaps a variety of modalities and techniques drawn from executive coaching, life coaching, psychology, and counselling. An elective approach keeps coaching sessions dynamic, educational, gentle, and effective. This is done by using proven and tested techniques that teach clients how to create an empowered, growth-oriented mindset through fostering healthy habits.


In working with clients, Jenna focuses on the following three goals: 1. to reinvigorate a sense of purpose within their lives; 2. to reconnect them with aspects of themselves that may seem lost; and 3. to reawaken them to their autonomy as powerful human beings. Each of these goals is defined by Jenna's genuine interest in the client’s wellbeing.


Jenna is passionate about making a difference in the lives of everyone she works with. The purpose of JWPC is to help people envision and unlock their fullest potential. Jenna wholeheartedly believes in what JWPC has to offer and feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people transform their lives and begin to thrive.


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