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The more common of the two definitions, Inter- means "between" or "among". Interpersonal is used to describe things that involve interaction and relationships between people; interpersonal skills refer to communication skills or "people skills."


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Intrapersonal, a much less common word, is used to describe things that relate to an individual’s self-talk or things that occur within a person’s mind; intrapersonal awareness often means the same as self-awareness. Intra- means "within".


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The JWPC Journey finds its foundation and roots in Jenna Wait's rich academic background, her passion for the value of coaching, and her own personal experience. Bringing a refreshing perspective to the self-help industry, it overlaps and applies a combination of techniques from various modalities, including life coaching, executive coaching, psychology, and counselling.


It is different in that it applies an elective approach to coaching sessions, which ensures that each session, whether in a group or with an individual, is dynamic, educational, and effective. Every interaction is gentle and empathetic to the personal process of each unique team or individual. Those who engage in this journey can expect to look at both the interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics of the human experience.


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