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Simply speaking, think of a snowball that starts off small, but as it rolls down the hill it accumulates additional layers of snow and increases in size. Soon you’ll have an unstoppable ball hurtling towards you. 

The snow ball effect is also a fundamental principal for success. Success is the slow accumulation of your skills, beliefs, actions and decisions. Every day you are adding to who you are. Your life is like that snow ball, but instead of snow you are adding additional layers of knowledge and learning. 

Every morning when your alarm goes off, you start making small decisions

  • Do I snooze for 5 more minutes or get up?

  • What do I wear?

  • What do I want to eat?

  • Which way do I want to drive to work? 

Your entire life is made up of choices that were made one after the other. Big or small. Right or wrong. It doesn't really matter, they were only choices made in the name of achieving your goals and dreams, but they were born from the thousands of small decisions and actions that you took before.

Small actions, repeated daily, will make all the difference in your life!

Keep in mind the direction you want to move in, and the goal you would like to achieve, and then start by taking one step forward and then the next. As you continue, you pick up momentum. The snowball effect It is the shortest road to success, but by no means a shortcut.



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